Saleae 16-Channel Logic Analyzer P/N: SAL-00116

Saleae 16-Channel Logic Analyzer P/N: SAL-00116


Logic Pro 16 (Red) - Saleae 16-Channel Logic Analyzer - Compatible With Windows, Mac, or Linux - Easy To Use, Ultra-Portable, Saves Time & Frustration 


The Saleae Logic Pro 16 is a powerful logic analyzer that lets you record and display signals in your circuit, so you can debug it fast.

From Arduino projects to spacecraft control systems, over 20,000 professionals and enthusiasts use Logic each month to debug and understand their electrical designs.

Logic is great for

  • General debugging
  • Decoding protocols like I2C and SPI (and 23+ more)
  • Reverse engineering
  • Measuring timing
  • Long duration recording
  • System interaction debugging (multiple GPIO, SPI, I2C at the same time)
  • Instrumenting your code (toggle GPIOs for debugging or performance profiling)