Elikliv Mini HF VHF UHF Antenna Analyzer

Elikliv Mini HF VHF UHF Antenna Analyzer


Vector Network Analyzer, Elikliv Mini HF VHF UHF Antenna Analyzer with 50KHz-900MHz 2.8 Inch Digital LCD Display Touching Screen Standing Wave Measuring Instrument


Product description

● PCB: 54mm x 85.5mm x 11mm (without connectors, switches)
● Measurement Frequency: 50KHz ~ 300MHz (50KHz -900MHz, enable extended firmware)
● RF output: -13dbm (maximum -9dbm)
● Measurement range: 70dB (50kHz-300MHz), 60dB (300M-600MHz), 50dB (600M-900MHz) enable extended firmware);
● Port SWR: < 1.1
● Display: 2.8 inch TFT (320 x240)
● USB interface: USB type-C communication mode: CDC (serial)
● Power: USB 5V 120mA, built-in 400mAh battery , maximum charging current 0.8A
● Number of scanning points: 101 (fixed)
● Display Tracking: 4, Marking: 4, Setting Save: 5
Measuring S parameters, voltage standing wave ratio, phase, delay, Smith chart...

Package List:
1X NanoVNA Host
1X USB Type-C DataCable
2X 30cm SMA male to Male RG174 RF Cable
1X SMA Simple Calibration Kit
1X SMA Female to Female Connector